Dr. Eric Nager Asked 5 Questions About Shockwave Therapy

Caitlin Rogers of Midday Maryland interviewed Dr. Eric C. Nager, a provider at Belcara Health. In this segment, Ms. Rogers asks Dr. Nager 5 common questions men usually have  about Gainswave. Gainswave is a state of the art shockwave therapy for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. 

Here are the questions asked:

  • Why choose GAINSWave instead of other erectile dysfunction treatments and prescriptions?
  • How does the GAINSWave therapy work?
  • What have been the results for men who have had this treat ment?
  • Is the therapy really painless?
  • How can you find a provider in your area?

Interested In Finding Out More?

If you belong to the 23 million men experiencing erectile dysfunction or are simply considering maximizing your sexual health, then we urge you to speak to a GAINSWave provider in your community. With hundreds of providers across the country, receiving treatment solutions for ED has never been simpler or more convenient.

Here at Elite Medical Center, we are the areas premiere erectile dysfunction treatment clinic who specializes in the GAINSWave threapy. Please give us a call at any of our locations for a confidential consultation.

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