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An Expert Medical Multi-Protocol Approach

 Low Testosterone therapy in can wreak havoc in a mans body. Which is an important reason you need to seek expert medical advice when treating any hormonal issues. Here at Elite Medical, we personalize our testosterone therapy using a multi-protocol approach. A lot of misinformation has been circulated concerning low testosterone. Just because you are older does not mean you should automatically have low-t. The same goes for a younger man, age is a an important key factor in most cases, but does not always play a role. Hormone deficiencies can develop in any age range throughout one’s life. Also doctors often misdiagnose symptoms of low testosterone. Oftentimes misdiagnosing these symptoms and treating them with harsh medications.  Anxiety, moodiness, low energy, and depression could all be displayed symptoms of a hormonal deficiency.

Prior medical applications established an improper high range of testosterone results. Most labs consider normal ranges to be from 260 to 1200. Different labs may have a slight difference in these ranges. The difference with Elite Medical is we know most men do not feel at their best when between the range of 260-500. We consider this to be a low testosterone level. We try to get our patients above this low range and find a suitable level, where their low-t symptoms have abated completely. Symptoms of low testosterone include Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Arthritis, Low Libido, Soft or Flaccid Erections. These symptoms can be mild or very aggressive and varies person to person.

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Top Reasons Men Develop Low Testosterone

Here are some of the most common reasons for men developing low testosterone:

  • Insulin Resistance or consuming high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, alternative sweeteners as well as high levels of stress and a lack of exercise.
  • Diabetes alone will lower testosterone levels along with vitamin d, magnesium, and zinc all of which further contribute to lower testosterone.
  • Taking anti-cholesterol medications which also lower vitamin d, testosterone, progesterone, magnesium, zinc and b vitamins.
  •  A lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle.
  • Lack of quality REM sleep, sleep apnea, getting less than 7 hours of sleep also can contribute to lower vitamin d levels resulting in low-t.
  • High levels of stress raise cortisol levels and simultaneously lowers testosterone levels while also lowering vitamin d, magnesium, zinc, b vitamins, and vitamin c.
  • Smoking cigarettes should be an obvious factor contributing to lower testosterone levels, depletes glutathione stores (glutathione helps the liver to balance testosterone & estrogen levels within the blood stream).
  • Drinking alcohol daily raises the levels of estrogen within the body while also depletes glutathione stores and prevents the body from entering deep REM sleep.
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Low-T Can Affect More Than Just Your Health

While the effects on the human body from the imbalance of hormones should be clear. What is also a major cause of many men to seek treatment is the emotional and mental struggle this causes. Not being able to obtain restful sleep (or sleep really at all) can be just the beginning. Fatigue, irritability and moodiness are very common symptoms of a hormone imbalance within the body. Loss of muscle mass and strength can make going to the gym or keeping a regular exercise routine near impossible

 Engaging in social functions and interactions with family can become difficult. A persons mind can race uncontrollably and the inability to hold focus for any amount of time has also been reported by many. This can lead to depression , anxiety and a loss in motivation. Memory loss and forgetfulness have also been reported, no doubt amplified by any vitamin deficiencies (B vitamins).

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